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Jun 20, 2012

A gift...

I say: 
Let's give our children the gift of 
'being able to make mistakes'...
And Shel Silverstein says:

"Listen to the MUSN'TS, child, 
Listen to the DON'TS 
Listen to the SHOULDN'TS 
Listen to the NEVER HAVES 
Then listen close to me - 
Anything can happen, child, 
ANYTHING can be.
" Shel Silverstein

May 22, 2012

No less than any adult!!!

Teen develops test that detects cancer (WJZ)
Below is the link for some great news!  A fifteen year old high school student created a test to detect Pancreatic Cancer at a very early stage.  

This news is the proof for us not to underestimate kids.  Just because they are younger, less experienced and less educated than us, the parents... they are nothing but LESS than us!  Let's trust our kids and let them follow their passion...  The results will be wonderful. And here's a great example :)


May 10, 2012

We all need to play :)

Playing is a need.  It doesn't sound as important as eating, sleeping, walking........  But it is a need as well.
Here are a bunch of very creative people who acted upon this need.
And my question is: what do you do to play and have fun with your kids? I mean not just once but regularly?