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Jul 25, 2008

Fire Island was very beautiful!  We had a good time to  talk, bond, laugh, cry and reflect...   
I realized 2 important things :
1) We all go through the same parenting journey, only with different experiences :)  
2) Just like our kids, we grow up as parents through trial and error too.  By taking the mistakes as great opportunities of learning and growth, we can reduce the feeling of guilt in our children's and our own lives...
Wishing you all the best :)

Jul 11, 2008

We are on vacation

Planning a vacation together for two families with two kids each is a major task. Thanks to our dear friends Susan and Cagatay we were actually able to get away... Fire Island became the closest location to get away to for a week.
We have all four kids with us: 9,5 years old Lidya, 4 years old Aidan, almost 4 years old Mira and 6 months old Eleanor.... Interests, needs, wishes, sexes and ages are all different. Yet everyone is having fun and enjoying...
Promising to get back to writing as soon as I will be back... And I am sending my best wishes to all parents and kids :)

Jul 1, 2008

By Scott Noelle

"THE DAILY GROOVE - by Scott Noelle

"What Happened?!

A crying child runs into the house from outside, seeking comfort.  The well-meaning parent's first words: 'What happened?!'

This common reaction is one of many subtle ways we teach our children values that we ourselves never consciously chose...

*What happened (the past) is more important than what's happening now (present).

*Reason is more important than emotions.  You can't simply have a feeling; you have to explain 'why'.

*Things happen TO you.  You don't create your own experience."

(Full text available at here)

When I read this piece, it amazed me!  
1) How correct it was! 
2) Just a simple reaction relayed so many messages... 
3) With just a simple acknowledgment of feelings :
'Oh you are crying, and you look hurt!'... we could teach the importance of the present moment and feelings...