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Jul 1, 2008

By Scott Noelle

"THE DAILY GROOVE - by Scott Noelle

"What Happened?!

A crying child runs into the house from outside, seeking comfort.  The well-meaning parent's first words: 'What happened?!'

This common reaction is one of many subtle ways we teach our children values that we ourselves never consciously chose...

*What happened (the past) is more important than what's happening now (present).

*Reason is more important than emotions.  You can't simply have a feeling; you have to explain 'why'.

*Things happen TO you.  You don't create your own experience."

(Full text available at here)

When I read this piece, it amazed me!  
1) How correct it was! 
2) Just a simple reaction relayed so many messages... 
3) With just a simple acknowledgment of feelings :
'Oh you are crying, and you look hurt!'... we could teach the importance of the present moment and feelings...

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