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Feb 15, 2009

Have you ever heard of "Convergence Insufficiency"?

We all heard of ADHD!  But how about "Convergence Insufficiency"?  
To be diagnosed with ADHD , children must have at least 6 of the 9 ADHD symptoms.  Yet 5 of those symptoms overlap with "Convergence Insufficiency" symptoms.
"Convergence Insufficiency" is a common near vision problem.  It interferes with a person's ability to see, read, learn and work at close distances.
Testing for "Convergence Insufficieny" may not be included in pediatric eye tests, school screenings and basic eye exams.  
About 5% of children have "Convergence Insufficiency" and many get misdiagnosed or overlooked.  
So if your child complains about having uncomfort  after 5-10 minutes of reading, you might like to take him to see a pediatric opthomologist and discuss "Convergence Insufficieny".
You can find more information about "Convergence Insufficieny" at this website:

Feb 7, 2009


Pregnancy is a given privilege to women!  Although it's time of many concerns thanks to changing hormone, it's also the greatest time for celebration!!!  It is the actual time for women to carry the seed of hope for a better future in their physical bodies.  
The only way to appreciate the best of this time is to educate ourselves about pregnancy and childbirth.  Once we know the changes happen in our bodies ahead of time, we will have less of the worries and concerns...  Here is couple of links you may like to try:
There are many books and websites available for those who seek information.  Any of these websites or books can provide good resources. 
One more important thing is to pick the right OB/GYN doctor, midwife and health care professionals.  Your best bet is to be with people whom you can have good communication.  It is vital for the pregnant mother to be able to express her worries, concerns and curiosities and receive sound answers.  
9 months of pregnancy is actually quite a brief time period in our lifetimes...  Please make the best out of this wonderful, miraculous time...  Sedef