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May 20, 2008

The bigger picture...

I was reading somewhere about playing chess.  The writer was talking about how important it was to see the entire board in your mind's eye to be a successful chess player.  I admit I never played chess!  But I know what the writer was talking about.  About anyone or any circumstance that seems to get on my nerves...  if I could take a deep breath and remember that there's a bigger picture than what seems to be happening just now...  I can get myself to a calmer and more understanding state.  That state of being and understanding helps me embrace the given situation.
I don't mean to give the impression here that I have become eternally patient and understanding thanks to this method of remembering the bigger picture.  I make mistakes, too. And thank God I make mistakes and learn from them.  So that, my kids see that anyone can make mistakes and learn from them.  It's just that I want to teach them a more positive outlook in life.  I just want to teach them to realize and understand  what they feel.  And to teach how to carry themselves to a more constructive, creative, happier and confident state of being, once they were in negative moods.
As we are their most important role models, our children learn and grow up by watching us closely.   So how about trying to remember the bigger picture before making a move like a chess player.  Our lives are our chessboards that we play.  Let's have fun...  Let's be cool players who show young players how to play successfully...
With love,

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