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Jun 8, 2008


  1. Keep in mind that your child is not the first or the last child to throw a temper tantrum.  So regardless of wherever you are, imagine that your are surrounded by a non-stick/Teflon like material...  Not a single criticizing  look would stick on you.
  2. Take a deep breath!  And don't stop after the first one...  Try taking in deep belly breaths.  Remember that emotions are contagious.  A smile causes a smile, a yawn causes a yawn and an anger fit brings an anger fit...
  3. Try touching your child!  A loving touch sometimes is the only key to bring a child out of a monstrous tantrum.  Touching with love to her shoulder, her head, her back or better to the heart area will bring a therapeutic effect of calmness.
  4. Try changing the environment!  If you are in a crowded, noisy, hectic, flashing lit place you may try taking your child by the hand and leading him to a more relaxed physical environment.  Some place with soothing lights and  music in the background may not only help your child to calm down but may also help you deal with the situation in a calmer state...
  5. After a while if you feel yourself coming to the edge of a tantrum...  Please give yourself a time-out.   If you have a partner/parent  nearby, leave the job to this person and take a break.  If your are alone!  Close your eyes for just 10-20 seconds and go to a nice and calm place in your imagination.  When you come back you will have your patience refreshed and your tolerance level raised to deal with the situation.

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