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Aug 22, 2008

Living Life To The Full Extent!

Why are we sooo afraid of making mistakes?  I am only talking about those little mistakes that don't hurt anyone but make us look silly.  Why do we need to look so perfect?  
Are being exposed and being vulnerable so hard?  
Interestingly at those moments of great vulnerability we open our hearts 100%!  And start living life to the full extent.
Our children learn more by modeling us than any other educational modality.  So what kinds of models are we providing for our kids?  
Do we really want them to watch life like a movie from the sidelines?  Or do we like it better to see our kids live life to the full extent, realizing their existence from head to toe?  Whatever we want for our children in this lifetime, we should practice modeling that behavior right now!  
It is all in the now but never later...

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