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May 26, 2009

5 Tips On Doctor and Dentist Visits

  1. Accept the fact that 
    everyone including your child can feel anxious about dentist and doctor visits.

  2. Many pediatric waiting rooms are full with toys, books and other sick or crying children.  Trying to pick the 1st appointment might help avoiding other sick and crying children.  If your child questions the reason of another child crying, be truthful and brief.
  3. You can show your kids "how all of us need to go to the doctor or dentist to keep their bodies healthy" by taking them with you for a routine visit.
  4. Never lie about the taste of a medicine, a shot or any anxiety-causing situation.  You can always give them choices about how they would like to get the shot or take the medicine.  "The doctor says you need to take this medicine to feel better. Would like to take it with orange juice or lemonade?"   
  5. Take a favorite stuffed animal with you.  Ask the doctor or the dentist to examine it first.  This would help the child to find out what's ahead.

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