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Oct 10, 2010

'Getting kids used to different realities' Phil Borges

I love TED. It is a great pleasure for me to find out about different people and their work. This is how I first found out about Phil Borges.
Phil Borges is a dentist-turned-photgrapher and film-maker.
He gave a speech on TED in 2007. There are 2 sentences he uttered in that speech that won my heart besides the beautiful photographs he took:
  • "It is important to get kids used to different realities."
  • "We need to give kids a 'mental flexibility."
To achieve his goals Borges was involved in starting a very interesting website and project called "Bridges to Understanding". Here's how they describe their mission and vision on the www.bridgesweb.org :



Bridges to Understanding uses digital technology and the art of storytelling to empower and unite youth worldwide, enhance cross-cultural understanding and build global citizenship.

Our vision is a harmonious, interconnected world in which youth are actively engaged as responsible global citizens."

On this TED talk that he gave during the year that Bridges to Understanding project was found, explains the importance of this project with great pictures and stories.

So whenever you have chance, please see this talk below... You'll see that there's always hope and love that goes around our old planet Earth :)

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