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Jun 2, 2011

Another group completed the Connecting Parenting Workshop

With every group it is a new learning experience. I thank Michele, Martina, Aischa, Karen and Zeynep for their great participation. I am more than happy to say that we had a great journey of 7 weeks together. Here are their comments (Zeynep wrote in Turkish :)) :

"Its has been a great pleasure for me to be a part of this group.
I feel that you provided a warm setting for us to learn new skills, share ideas and questions.
I look forward to using these tools. Thanks."
Martina Elmaağaçlı

"It was a great adventure of learning and using the tool for parenting but more than that the feelingof being part of the 'parent community' with such good friends was so special.
I wish we could do a monthly class throughout the year, jsut to keep connected and to share our successes while parenting. Thank you very much! Cheers!"
Karen Dai

"Dearest Sedef,
This has been a very informative 7 weeks and I have enjoyed every minute of it. My kids are also happy I did it because it made them feel special. I will try and remember all that we talked about and use the tools more to improve the connection between me and the kids. Thanks again!"
Aischa Erten

"Thank you so much for help'ng me become a better parent and a better person. I've really seen a change with my relationship with my daughter. Healing our relationships with our kids is healing ourselves. I will keep all this in mind as the challenges and the kids get BIGGER! Thanks for opening your heart and sharing!"
Michele Karahan

"Sevgili Sedef,
Birlikte geçirdiğimiz zamandan çok zevk aldığımı ve uygulamaya gayret edeceğim pek çok yeni araç öğrendiğimi bilmeni isterim. Şimdiden daha çok dinlemeye ve daha az yargılamaya başladım. Ümit ederim daha da iyi olacak.
Zeyep Şedele

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