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Apr 15, 2012

Naomi Aldort is coming to ISTANBUL :)

There are three experts in my heart who really can speak to a parent's heart as well as her mind! Here's my small list: Pam Leo, Naomi Aldort and Alfie Kohn.  Pam is my teacher and mentor :)  I am more than privileged to be in that last group she taught to be Connection Parenting facilitators...  Although I never met her in person, Naomi Aldort has been a great resource  and muse in my job as a parent coach.  I quote... recommend her book clients and friends... So I am more than happy to announce that Naomi Aldort will be visiting Istanbul this week. The speaking tour dates are as follows:

   April 20, Lecture in Istanbul, Turkey
   April 21, Workshop in Istanbul, Turkey
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