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Dec 5, 2008

5 Tips On Sharing

  1. Respect your children's property:  We as parents and society are the models of our children.  We demand others to respect our property.  We want to be asked when someone wants to borrow our book, pen, ladder, cd...etc.  Our children see this and they want to be asked as well!
  2. Respect your children's most important business: playing!  Children create stories and many different story lines during play.  They may need all their toys of the same variety for a specific story line.  
  3. Respect your child's dignity: Forcing children to share only hurts their feelings and help them lose their trust in our judgement.  Please do not force your children to share.
  4. Be a model:  Start sharing with your children and others as much as you can.  Share your books, bread, juice, clothes, your old toys, etc.
  5. Always Show Your Approval:  Whenever you see an action of sharing (a fall leaf picked  from the ground, a hug, a toy, candy, etc.)  by describing your child's behavior :"I can see that you just gave one of your m&ms to your brother, that's good sharing." 
Let's share...

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