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Apr 7, 2009

Easter is here :)

Easter is almost here!  Spring shows itself with more passion than ever at this time of the year.  Although it is a religious holiday...  it is always fun to welcome and celebrate spring!  Here are couple of ideas to celebrate the new season:
  1. Coloring a little flower pot together with your child and planting flowers in the pot.  And watch how they grow.
  2. Baking flower/egg/bunny shape  cookies.  Here is a small practical recipe i inherited from my grandmother which i love: 170gr/6 oz unsalted butter (soft@room temp), 150gr/5 oz confectioners sugar, 300gr/11oz white flour, 1 egg, baking powder and vanilla.  1 ounce=2 tablespoons.  First mix butter and sugar.  Next add the rest of the materials.  If the dough is too dry you may add some milk.  Bake at 350F until the cookies are pinkish white.
  3. Go for a picnic at the park.
  4. Play "I spy..." by spying the spring blossoms during the daily commute.
  5. Spring is the time for silk worms...  Raise silk worms at home or at school with your kids.
Have a wonderful Easter and spring :)


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