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Apr 28, 2009

Let's have dinner together!

Mealtimes are an important time for families to come together.  Obviously it is a great time to bond. When a dinner routine is established  and the entire family meets for dinner every night, the children silently receive these messages:
  1. I am a part of this social unit
  2. I belong to this family
  3. I deserve to be with others and socialize
  4. I am loved
  5. I am safe
  6. My parents take care of me
Mealtime routines are also a great chance to help children improve their manners and communicate with us.  Children grow up real fast and they change everyday.  Especially when they reach school age, their social life takes an independent turn from the family.  Casual conversations at dinner table are one of the best ways to keep up with your children.

So.... Bon Appetit...  


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