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Jul 6, 2009

Summer is here.......it's vacation time!

It's been a while... I was away with our two girls. Time away with children makes time stand still actually. There's a feeling of easy fun with tons to do!

During my 7 days on the beach with our girls alone, reminded me how much of an adult I have become. In the midst of life's hectic rhythm and blues, it is the first time (this year) I found myself this much uptight, uneasy, hard to relax and have fun...

The girls eventually helped me find the kid in me and pull her out! Thanks to some silly singing, frog watching, hot sand hopping, coloring, hip hop dancing and tons of giggling the little girl in me reminded us, it's our natural right to have fun at every age...

Of course we had our share of disagreements... Of course there were times I got upset, and there were others one of the girls got upset! We not only had tons of laughter but some tears too.

We had a good time.

In the end:

Our older daughter decided that growing up was OK...

Our younger daughter found a way for her to look "cool”!

And I figured that one could still have fun even with stinky fish bites and throbbing toes!!!!!! After all having fun is a decision to be made :)

We all are looking forward to our next vacation together!

Wishing you a great summer :)


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