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Oct 20, 2009

10 minutes a day!

Obviously there are many many gifts that parent can give to their children. Yet your attention always is the one to stand out! Children crave for and thrive with their parents' undivided attention.
So please try to squeeze at least 10 minutes a day for each of your children in your daily agenda. That 10 minutes will be their time! A total union of a parent and child for at least 10 minutes a day will help you solve many crises before they occur.
Try to listen to your child during those ten minutes without giving your opinion... just listen! Or watch whatever they're watching, listen to whichever song they're listening. Try to suppress the urge of telling them how your childhood was, the kinds of music you used to listen to... Or play with them. Simply go down on your knees and elbow to join their game of Lego, Barbies, puzzles etc....
I know it's harder than it sounds when you put it into action. Yet this is the most effective way to stay connected with your children. Once you're connected, everything comes smoother... Even the high waves of teenage years :)

Have fun,

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