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Dec 2, 2009

Another Gem to Share...

Deepak Chopra says "The internet is the global brain in cyberspace". Well that's right!
A global brain that inspires and changes it's users.
So I'd like to share with you one of the gems I found in this global brain of ours:

mistybliss' photostream

She's a mother of 6, lives in Australia, designs, knits and takes wonderful pictures!
Taking children's pictures can be a challenge for parents sometimes... Well, if you are in need of any inspirantion dear parents please check her out!
Thanks Michelle for being who you are, sharing what you have and inspiring us :)
PS The secret is: if someone can do it, so you can! Not the same way... In your own personal way, in your own personal journey you can achieve your dreams, as well!!!


Elizabeth said...

Love it...such a cutie!

sedef said...

:) michelle has lots of other wonderful pics of children and babies on her blog!