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Nov 26, 2009


We are living at such a day and age that things happen by a mere push of a button. Babies grow up watching lights turning on and off by a simple switch, TV coming on by the push of a single remote button. They watch adults punch in numbers on their phones and speak with loved ones... Even games are played by pushing buttons, or clicking the mouse... They grow up in a world where things are more taken granted than ever.
So 'Thanksgiving Day' becomes more important every passing year. Today is a day to realize the many luxuries we have. Although they seem like given facts of mundane events of life, we have tons to be thankful for. And it is an art to be learned. Parents are the greatest role models for their children. So today presents a wonderful chance to start teaching our children how to stop, realize and be thankful for all that we have in life.
Happy thanksgiving! I wish you a fun and loving day with your children and families :)


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