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Sep 21, 2010

A great birth story

When I was pregnant with our first daughter, I read and watched as many actual birth stories as possible. Learning about different stories made feel comfortable about my unknown future and labor.
Joanna Goddard has a great blog called 'A Cup of Jo'. Recently she became a mother. She just posted the birth story of her cute son Toby on her blog:
I wanted to share her story with you... It's beautifully written :)
And Toby, we all wish you a healty, happy, lucky, long life that's full of with love and experience...


Jenni Derryberry Mann said...

Thanks for the link to this birth story -- it's fantastic! I recently edited a book of birth stories (Belly Button Bliss: A Collection of Happy Birth Stories), and this one has all the elements of an amazing day: strong mama, helpful papa, a nice mix of natural and medicated laboring, helpful care providers, and a good hospital experience. That is so refreshing to hear in an age when C-section rates keep rising and women's satisfaction with birth keeps declining. This story is all good, and good for mamas-to-be to read! thank u, Coach Sedef!

sedef said...

Thanks for your comment Jenny! I will be looking for the book that you've edited 'Belly Button Bliss: A Collection of Happy Birth Stories' :))