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Jan 12, 2011

Do you express yourself with your words all the time?

The other day, I found myself talking to our 6 year old Mira: “Honey I need you to express yourself with your words. I know that you are upset.......” and I went on and on! I thought it was nice that I was using my 'i' sentences instead of the blaming 'you' sentences. So I was happy with my speech. But then today I met my nonviolent communication buddy, Michele. The conversation we had made me revisit my behavior…

How many times during the day I choose to express myself with words and how many times I choose to just act my feelings out without any verbal communication? I realized that I am no different than my daughter whom I preached on expressing her upset feelings with her words.

So I am inviting you to also ask yourself: as an adult how many times do you choose to use your words to express your upset feelings and how many times do you just act them out in a given day?

Photographer: Arvind Balaraman

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