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Jan 13, 2011


"Children with autism are not learning disabled, they are teaching challenges. The question is not whether they can learn...the question is, can YOU teach?"

~Dr. Vincent Carbone

I love this little quote. And actually I believe this is applicable to any child.

Every child is unique. The education system however, is very much product oriented. Schools work the same way, trying to educate masses of kids with same type of information.

An end product is a graduate.

I wonder whether this is really possible? I believe any kid is a teaching challenge. Some are easier to approach and some aren't. It is very much discriminating to label them and treat them according to those labels. Labels are only helpful to keep us mindful about the needs. But when we see the person and his label as one... then we start having problems.

Kids are kids whether they share a certain label or diagnosis. They are kids and each and every one of them is different. The question is can we see them beyond the labels we attach?

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